5 important tips for getting your health back on track

My 5️⃣ Top Tips for getting back on track after the Holidays!

✅ Hydrate. As soon as your eyes open start drinking your water. Flush out those toxins.

✅ Self Care. Take a bath. Put on a face mask. Listen to an uplifting podcast. Spend time in prayer. Get out of your own head by serving others. Connect with others who are uplifting and share your enthusiasm for taking a positive step.

✅ Food Prep. Take your supplements. Clean out your fridge. Get organised. Plan your meals. Have a strategy. Be intentional at meal times to enjoy each bite. Don’t stand at the sink.

✅ Move your body. Break a sweat. Make a plan. Walk with a friend. Stretch. Walk your dog. Just move your body!!

✅ Adequate sleep! Prepare for bed an hour before you are ready to sleep. Create a sleep time routine. Set your alarm go to bed at the same time and rise at the same time. Reset your body!

I hope these help! Progress not perfection. Just get right back to a place where you feel balanced and in control.

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