Imagine not just feeling good.. imagine feeling great! Most people don't know how good our bodies were intended to feel because of the toxic overload and overburdening we experience as a result of the excesses we face in our environment.

A passion of mine is reading labels. Manufacturers use tricky marketing and ambiguous labeling to confuse the consumer. The fewer ingredients and the quality of the ingredients matter. It shouldn't come at a high cost to our health.

USDA Organic ensures supply chain integrity. Organic has become the new "natural" in terms of marketing. Without the highest levels of integrity companies use clever terms and greenwashing tactics to confuse the motivated purchaser to buy inferior products at a premium price. Proganics is a brand I trust that that delivers on what they say they are going to do and at a fair market price. Why organic? Why now? We are a nation of overfed but undernourished people.

It is time to introduce you to Proganics a brand with integrity and saturate your body with nutrients. This Australian brand is a leader in a competitive international market already and they are here to disrupt an industry that is rawt with imposters and brands who fail to deliver what they promise.